Java Tutorial for Beginners [2020]

Java Tutorial for Beginners [2020]

Java tutorial for beginners – Learn Java, the language behind millions of apps and websites.
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0:00:00 Introduction
0:01:46 Installing Java
0:03:59 Anatomy of a Java Program
0:08:41 Your First Java Program
0:15:59 Cheat Sheet
0:16:29 How Java Code Gets Executed
0:22:54 Course Structure
0:25:22 Types
0:25:57 Variables
0:29:07 Primitive Types
0:34:27 Reference Types
0:39:15 Primitive Types vs Reference Types
0:43:39 Strings
0:50:42 Escape Sequences
0:53:22 Arrays
0:58:47 Multi-Dimensional Arrays
1:01:23 Constants
1:03:15 Arithmetic Expressions
1:07:18 Order of Operations
1:08:40 Casting
1:15:08 The Math Class
1:19:50 Formatting Numbers
1:25:40 Reading Input
1:30:45 Project: Mortgage Calculator
1:32:55 Solution: Mortgage Calculator
1:37:14 Types Summary
1:38:43 Control Flow
1:39:30 Comparison Operators
1:41:16 Logical Operators
1:45:52 If Statements
1:50:18 Simplifying If Statements
1:53:47 The Ternary Operator
1:56:16 Switch Statements
2:00:07 Exercise: FizzBuzz
2:06:05 For Loops
2:09:53 While Loops
2:14:19 Do…While Loops
2:15:36 Break and Continue
2:18:52 For-Each Loop
2:21:59 Project: Mortgage Calculator
2:23:27 Solution: Mortgage Calculator
2:28:28 Control Flow Summary
2:29:25 Clean Coding


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27 thoughts on “Java Tutorial for Beginners [2020]

  1. I have a problem. When I open the terminal window it does not show me the main class and after typing the dir (for the windows) it only goes till the there and I cannot code beyond that. Can anyone tell me what to do?

  2. hi guy mosh Hamedani love your work also your atitude very good, just wondered are you originally from midle east somewhere like IRAN cause your nickname Hamedani is pretty iranian name referring to HAMEDAN a province in IRAN… I just wondering If you are I am too I am Ali …

  3. Hi guys! I'm from Philippines and I really want to enroll to #codewithmosh but unfortunately I'm only a high school student and no income to avail the course and my family is having a hard time because of pandemic and I don't want to bother them. I just want to ask if someone of you here finished the course already and can share to me so that I can study it🙏
    God bless you all!

  4. Hello .. here my written mortgage calculator java code i checked its working , please test it Prof. mosh :

    import java.text.NumberFormat;

    import java.util.Scanner;

    import static java.lang.Math.pow;

    public class hello_h


    public static void main (String[]args)


    Scanner sc = new Scanner (;

    System.out.print ("Principal : ");

    float payment = sc.nextFloat ();

    System.out.print ("Annual Interest rate : ");

    float rate_in = sc.nextFloat (); // get normal percent rate from user

    float rate = (rate_in / 100) / 12; // convert user percent rate to arithmetic version

    System.out.print ("Period (Years) : ");

    float n = sc.nextFloat () * 12; // n = number of total months

    double mortgage1 = payment * ((rate * (pow (1 + rate, n))) / (pow (1 + rate, n) – 1));

    NumberFormat currency = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance ();

    System.out.print ("Mortgage :" + currency.format (mortgage1));


  5. Hi Mosh ! it is a wonderful video for the beginners or the people who would like to refresh their skills after some time. I just wanted to point out one thing that in while loops, Check out 2:10:46 the variable "i" has been initialized to zero. I think it should be 5. Please have a look.

  6. @41:00 my compiler not recognize Point(x:1, y:1); my x and y are both highlighted red whole in the video mosh's are grey. the error message i have reads java: ')' expected. my code looks exactly as the video's what am i doing wrong???

  7. Dude I love the way you teach. I absolutely hated every program class before you. It was so boring and lacked metaphors..even on youtube. Just because you know something really well DOES NOT mean you can teach. Like this video

  8. Any tutorial on how to connect and send appropriate data to a device on your home network? I have and hdmi matrix connected to to my home network. there is an app available to control the outputs and inputs however in my opinion the app is somewhat crummy. i want to build an app that is more user friendly; however i dont know how i can connect my app with the device and what code is required or what data type is necessary and how to send that data over. what are the things i need to know to do this? also how do i retrieve values from the GUI on the app to use in the program? thanks any help is greatly appreciated!

  9. Hello Mosh,
    Thanks a lot for this tutorial, it has helped me get the basics of Java.

    Just one question…
    Wouldn't this be a better solution to the FizzBuzz exercise?:

    // Only showing the if statements:
    if (number % 5 == 0) {System.out.print("Fizz");}

    if (number % 3 == 0) {System.out.print("Buzz");}

    if (number % 5 == 1 && number % 3 == 1) {System.out.print(number);}


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