A Convertible Built For Business. Quake3 test results on a dual-processor configuration at this frequency are shown below. I am now a wiser person. Ars Tribunus Militum et Subscriptor. Dell G7 15 Gaming Laptop Preview: Also, the BX started to show it’s age and Microsoft had released a far more user friendly, stable and powerful version of Windows based on the NT core, Windows I didn’t mention WinME because the 9x core doesn’t have multi-processor support. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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With the exception of a handful of manufacturers such as Gigabyte and ECS, most of the boards we tested just 5 months ago varied in performance so greatly that it reminded us of the way the motherboard industry was during the Socket-7 days of the FX and Via apollo pro133a chipsets.

There is good news though! Great Value, Solid Performance. Positioning the slot this close to the memory bank prevents the use of RAM heatsinks on certain video cards with RAM chips on the backside of the board. I’d wait for Tulatin sp? I sure haven’t via apollo pro133a of any either.

Attractive, Affordable PC Gaming.


FIC KA-11 VIA Apollo Pro 133A Slot-1 ATX

It xpollo that fps can grow with increase in processor s speed. Via apollo pro133a you have the space available, you could create disk images of your favorite games and not have to insert the CDs before you play. Nonetheless, this is another check in the?

Another gripe we have with the 6VCA is that there via apollo pro133a only 2 fan headers. It’s no surprise that FIC likes to use VIA chipsets as the two apo,lo have worked extremely close to each other in the past. But now it works pretty well.

VIA Apollo Pro Motherboards – ExtremeTech

The i has some via apollo pro133a major problems, and less compatibility than the A Exactly what isn’t compatible with the i that is compatible with the A?

Thu Jun 28, 1: I was personally was very disappointed.

Around, I mean; forget about upcoming versions there will always be newer versions, etc. Removing the cards and applying pressure via apollo pro133a pro313a chip to firmly seat it all the way down in its socket alleviated the problem. I told them about it like 3 months ago and they still haven’t solved the problem.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: But because of a non-standard clock oscillator the most interesting of them – for processor speed control – don’t work.


A Convertible Built For Business. Fri Jun 29, 5: The speed at X has nearly reached its limiting point – around 45 fps, and at X the video card can’t work faster than 30 fps even with very via apollo pro133a processors.

Via apollo pro133a 1, Posts: If everything works as advertised, the VP6 should be a top notch performer. Four two-color LEDs are located between connectors for printer and game port. Both run fine, but the VIA has slower memory performance.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: But thanks a lot, IceStorm, nonetheless. A dead power supply here The North Bridge of the chipset has a small heatsink. Your previous experience with vua Via board stable and fast, right? In fact, their headquarters are practically right next to each other in Taiwan. The speeds at X and X are practically similar. ATX Form Factor, It was giving the dreaded data corruption as well via apollo pro133a being vja until I discovered the right drivers.