It is claimed to deliver leading performance per watt for smartphones to supercomputers. The new MX turned to be faster than the old one, but not at the expense of the AGP8x, but due to the higher clock speeds. Besides, in our 3Digest you can get thorough information on performance of these cards on different silkro. An aftermarket modification for the cost concious overclocker perhaps but outside the remit of this review sadly. It is codenamed NV25 and was produced at the beginning of

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In the graph we’ll see abit siluro gf4 mx-se effect that not being able to do all the pixel and vertex shader functions in hardware has on the GeForce4 MX gff4 compared to the GeForce3 Ti To reiterate, the core is slower than NV20 GeForce3 despite the brand name suggesting otherwise.

Abit have done a good job with the cooling considering the price point with only memory heatsinks being a glaring omission.

Review: ABIT Siluro GF4 MX – Graphics –

Lastly, and I’ve saved this till the end because it’s more than abit siluro gf4 mx-se just a problem with the review sample, the GPU fan was the noisiest I’ve ever heard. We can only recommend the Abit if you’re a gamer on a budget. Memory heatsinks add to the cost by a few dollars per unit and at this pricepoint they don’t make abit siluro gf4 mx-se financial sense when one of the main goals is to keep final costs as low abig possible.

For details see abit siluro gf4 mx-se base review on the GeForce4 Ti. The card ships in a Retail package which includes: Dropping the graphics quality down would have an appreciable difference on performance but it’s nice to enable what rendering features you can.

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We’ve seen that the performance of the card isn’t exactly stellar. And even the AA activation helps the Ti much.

The card simply doesn’t have the features to do abit siluro gf4 mx-se that’s required for running the shader functions in hardware. The whole GeForce4 Ti line differs only in the frequencies of the chip and memory; besides, the Ti serves a base for both MBytes and 64 MBytes cards. The new MX turned to be faster than the old one, but not at the expense of the AGP8x, but due to the higher clock speeds.

NOS NEW ABIT Siluro Nvidia GeForce4 MX-SE MX440 VGA Graphics video card AGP 64MB

We don’t get anywhere near our 50fps target sadly. In our 3Digest you can find complete comparison characteristics of video cards of this and other classes. At the lower resolutions, the GeForce4 MX holds abti own.

With games coming out more and more frequently that only run well on DX8 class accelerators without turning off features abit siluro gf4 mx-se dropping resolution, we have to say that the performance was disappointing. Finally in our look at game performance we have Serious Sam 2: Overall Conclusion These cards are definitely aimed at the budget concious user, much like qbit GeForce2 Titanium cards were not so long ago.


NV17 is slower than NV20 yet abit siluro gf4 mx-se marketing terms, it’s being promoted as being ‘better’ simply due to the GPU brand name being 1 unit more than GeForce3. The TV-Out however was good quality and I had no problems watching a couple of my Region 1 disks that don’t work on my standalone player, using this card.

Here are the scores: When we took off the heatsinks the labels of the memory were hardly seen, that is why we didn’t make a photo. The GeForce3’s higher fillrate and memory bandwidth are responsible for the increase here. Stock performance, overclocked performance and also against abit siluro gf4 abit siluro gf4 mx-se GeForce3 Ti using Quake3 is mainly a test of overall abit siluro gf4 mx-se throughput with graphics cards of this class but we should still see some interesting scaling in abit siluro gf4 mx results.


For estimation of 3D quality we used: The chip operates at MHz. Saving for a full DX8 part is well worth it if you ask this reviewer.

ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti Video Card Review

We can see quite clearly that the Abit doesn’t have the processing muscle to live with the Ti on the same host processor. It’s widely known that the core is slower and less featured than NV20 GeForce3 which is being gradually phased out.

The overclocking results are not the obligatory characteristics of a video card. Remember, every possible performance sapping rendering feature was enabled.

The card ships in the colorful retail package which includes: Thirdly they are touting the integrated TV display logic as the best in its class, offering output to television at up to x resolution.

Abit siluro gf4 mx-se Card Itself Now that we’ve done a bit of background on the technology behind the card, lets take a look at the card siulro.